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ALWAYS GREEN Trex Transcend®
is earth friendly, being made
from 95% recycled materials

CCase Study: Trex Transcend Garden Path

Superior Beauty & Comfort

  • Trex is smoother than wood and every other composite.
  • Trex is soft-to-the-touch for unmatched barefoot comfort.
  • Trex will not splinter, so bare feet and hands are always safe.
  • Trex has excellent traction, so those bare feet stay put.
    • Trex's slip-resistance level is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Trex offers the widest range of colors, styles and finishes.
  • Warm, attractive colors
  • Most natural-looking textures
  • Learn more about our new tropical colors.
  • Trex makes the design possibilities endless.
    • While very strong, Trex can also bend to create curves and patterns not possible with wood.
    • Mix and match colors to create unique design.

Case Study: Trex Transcend Porch Restoration


Less Maintenance

You build a deck to enjoy it, not to work on it.
  • Unlike typical wood decks,
  • Trex® Decking:
    • Will not warp or rot due to harsh weather
    • Is splinter-free
    • Doesn't need sanding, staining, or painting ever
  • Because it withstands the elements so well, Trex proves to be a low maintenance
    • Looks great year after year with only periodic cleaning
  • Resistance to moisture, insects and sunlight
    damage makes Trex ideal for use around pools, hot tubs and spas.
  • Trex is made of a unique combination of reclaimed wood and plastic.
    • Plastic shields wood from moisture and insect damage
    • Wood protects plastic from UV damage


Best Value

Think wood is cheaper? Think again.

  • Trex outdoor living products immediately boost your home's value while enhancing its beauty.
    • Trex decks have proven to be key selling points for potential homebuyers.
    • Because maintenance costs are minimal, Trex saves you money over time.
  • Trex doesn't weaken over time the way wood does.
  • Maintains its high quality and value for years to come.
  • Trex offers a 25-year limited residential warranty on all its products.
  • You can never have too much peace of mind.


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