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  • Factory made advantages for your best buy.

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  • Your new room begins with an on-site analysis from which a design is made incorporating your requests.


  • Much of your new room is constructed in our carpenter shop under controlled conditions to provide capabilities unavailable at the site. The components are delivered to your home prompt assembly and time savings.


  • The completed room has removable aluminum screens and custom made Paladian tops made of urethane. The colors were custom mixed to match the Drivit stucco.


  • The ceiling is made of 2x6 tongue and groove treated wood and stained. The trusses are decorative and structural allowing passage for wiring. Notice the round wood blended into the ridge beam, to which the fan base is attached.


  • The railing is built-in with a chair rail to protect the screens. Notice the power receptacles built into the posts.

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