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Hallco, Inc. would like to be your contractor.

We have been in business since 1959, providing landscape architecture and irrigation services, as well as:

    • Plandscapes® Designs
    • Garden Carpentry®
    • Trees, shrubs and ground cover
    • Retaining Walls
    • Patios
    • Porches and screened additions
    • Low voltage lighting.

Take a few minutes to look over this information on selecting a contractor and then give us a call for a no obligation on-site consultation.


Where to begin?

A good plan is a prerequisite for starting the project. A good design balances the area to your living needs and budget. But more than that, the plan gives consideration to sound structural practices and provides the required data for a building permit if required.

After the plan is developed (this may take a few revisions), a cost estimate is submitted for your selection of items to include. To start this phase, contact HALLCO, Inc. for a no obligation, on-site consultation.

HALLCO, Inc. has been in business since 1959 and has established an impressive record of landscape and Garden Carpentry® installations.

This accumulation of knowledge and skills makes HALLCO, Inc. a natural choice for assisting you in your project with confidence.


What to do next?

After you have finalized your plans and considered the budget, you are ready to select a competent contractor. A qualified contractor should have several basic skills:

  1. Experience with this type work
  2. Proper tools for the job
  3. Knowledge of building codes
  4. Structural design knowledge
  5. Install proper foundation supports
  6. Knowledge of proper fastening systems
  7. Mill work capabilities for finish trim work
  8. A source of quality building materials
  9. Proper step construction for safety

HALLCO, Inc. qualifies for you.


Selecting a contractor

When you have a good plan and the "check list of contractor's qualifications", you are ready to solicit bids for the project. Bids will vary somewhat, but the lowest bid may or may not be the best choice. You need to look at what you get for the money in quality of materials and workmanship. Also consider how much confidence you have in your contractor to do an honest job and is easy to deal with.

Verify your confidence with a few reference calls or look at some work done by the contractor. Once you feel comfortable with the character and price of your contractor, you are ready to sign a contract.

HALLCO, Inc. is the choice.


Signing the contract

Be sure the contract states exactly what is included and how extras would be handled. Get an approximate starting date on the contract. Usually a down payment is required and the payment terms are specified on the contract. Written warranties and terms should also be included. When this meets your requirements, you are ready to sign the contract and get the project under way.

HALLCO, Inc. is the best one.


Adding extras to your job

As a project progresses, you may notice a fence or arbor that you would like to add. Obtain a written quote from your contractor before adding it to the contract. Communication and honesty play an important part between you and your contractor.

You can place your trust in HALLCO, Inc.


Hallco, Inc. would like to be your contractor

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